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"I believe in being as honest and truthful as humanly possible at all times. Lies harbored manifest themselves in one's work."

Barter is Better
I will be adding a new set of barter items shortly. The new items are a set of 12 unique woodblock prints to be bartered individually over the course of a year. These blocks are NOT available for purchase so start getting creative now.

Listed below are the Mary sculptures previously bartered and the bids offered. Click on a Mary and it will show you the barter offer I selected.

soft bronze

traditional bronze Mary

brick skin Mary


stainless Steel Mary

Original Mary

Invisable Mary

Carmel Sugar Glaze Mary
Previous Bids
An evening of music, art, and wine
why - To help support local art/musicians in our community
A toy kangaroo
why - because who wouldnt want one?
Time: In the Green Mountains....
why - My home is open to you. Vermont Home - 10 acres - State Park in walking distance - Central to Vermont- Enjoy any season you like. Come alone or bring family and friends.
A Framed Noah Abrams Photograph
why - Because if this image doesn't make you stop, take a breath, and relax, then I don't know what else will.
A Care Package of Assorted Moving Momento's
why - Because everyone should get a fun package in the mail once in a while.
an electric toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and mouthwash
why - because everyone loves a healthy smile
Homer Soap-On- A-Rope
why - Because...... who doesn't love Homer? Y lavarse las manos.
An intuitive energy reading
why - It's fun and helps give a context to life transitions and challenges.
50 hand-drawn greeting cards
why - Personal and interesting; blank inside; good for all occasions.
a cool painting from me
why - because is cool
outsider/Folk art original from Howard Finster
why - No one else I rather this go to
An OFFICIAL Miss America Sash
why - Odd, Impossible to Buy, Let out your inner Pageant Queen
six months of personal service
why - priceless
Photos of the forgotten land
why - I think you would want this photo to enjoy the beauty of light cascading over nature. Everytime I see these photos, it reminds me of the beauty and depth all living beings hold.
My offer...
why - Everyone loves a rich Merlot...and even the crown of the clowniest connoisseur understands the importance of poerty in this universe...what if with every glass of red wine your heart gave birth to new poems right before your eyes? How much would even the richest rich man pay for wine that revealed the poetic universe? What would one trade? What would one give?
Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas Watches, set of 4
why - These were made in 1994 as promotional items for the films release, this set is complete, all four styles. Brand new in original packaging! Unworn and minty fresh! New batteries installed today, all working. There have been other N.B.C. watches made, but these are the originals from Touchstone Pictures.
Handpainted stepstool
why - Who doesn't need to step up?
An Adventure of a Life time
why - It will make you soul expand
Design and/or Animation
why - You'd receive an attractive design in which to promote your artwork or yourself. I know a great printing place that prints and delivers to you within 48hrs, at the cheapest price anywhere I've seen, and great quality. I've sent several postcard designs through them.
Tickets to a performance
why - You get to experience another's art.
I have two to choose from.
why - You can have all of them if it'll get me your Mary.
one of my original photos
why - because its original, because it will inspire your imagination when you look at it
Beutiful handknit sweater to fit you
why - Handknit sweaters last longer and are unique
pregnancy portrait
why - shared art; pregnancy is beautiful
a limited edition giclee print on canvas of the painting "9-12-01 the sun rose again the next day"
why - like your sculptures my print is one of many yet limited. it represents a symbol of faith in the human spirit and believing in the power of art to represent beliefs in symbolic form
A photo of Ania
why - It is a pure example of human connection and the realization of self expression.
An analytical essay about "What a Riot"
why - My essay is personal and unique. It tells about the work of Peter Harper and his influence.
A weekend of massage/bodywork and fine food
why - Who wouldn't want to relax and eat great food??!!
why - Lady Blue reflects the ocean and fluidity of water
Old pair of Asics Running shoes
why - Symbol of pain, dedication & struggle
Asian Art piece
why - How can you pass up a deal like this - when one these pieces are all made by orphans in CHina who paint with a passion because it means survival.
a memento i pick up from the beaches of greece, turkey and italy this summer.
why - three in one: three pieces from three beautiful countries.
Poetry Journal: Class Differences Thesis of a Young Woman
why - You would be helping me get over the fear of having others view my writings.
Australian destination
why - to expand your artistic and creative experience ..
Photo Session of Your Choosing
why - Cause it's not like you're going to take pictures of yourself...
Amethyst Crystal
why - Crystals are a beautiful addition to any home, and gives you positive energy.
1 original work, inspired by you.
why - The artwork will be as unique as you are, and will continue to ask you questions each time you look at it.
why - they're pretty good
A Miniature sculpture
why - This is a one of a kind clay sculpture inspired during meditation
I'll create your profile on MySpace
why - MySpace is a great way to reach out to old friends and meet new and interesting people.
2 for 1 : Fiber and a whole bunch of gastric satisfaction
why - Because the way to any man is through his stomach, and because everyone needs more sunshine in their life
A day of tranquilty for you or a loved one
why - A moment of silence to relax and reflect, we all need that :)
Crumbling Prophet - photo
why - Because to me this transends the ideas of religion/politics that exsist in the physical and moves into the absolute spiritual.A meditative piece that grounds the soul.
what ever you'd like made of boro glass
why - because im the most famous person I know! lol
an original painting
why - it's pretty awesome, very original.
Tickets to the MoMA in New York City
why - Because the tickets cost a lot of money and the museum houses some of the most important art of the late 19th, 20th and 21st Centuries.
Sleeping angel
why - cause I think itīs good
amazing food and sometime with a family who will appreciate the sculpture almost as much at their time with the artist and his loved ones.
why - it is not and will never be for sale . . . it is the truest and best gift we have . . . to share with and learn from others.
a promise (within limits)
why - its from you from me to you to me or everyone or someone or noone
a paint
why - it's always a good source of inspiration to have pieces from different artist at home
maple product
why - it tastes like heaven
piece of your choice
why - its honest
Weekly Private Yoga
why - Because it's good for you! Using your upper body as intensely as I'm sure you do, you need to take care of yourself in order to continue making such beautiful things.
Matthew Gair's album, And She Whispered I Told You So... (with a personal message)
why - Because this is the only item I own that means as much to me as I am sure your sculpture means to you. It is my life on a disk and while it may not be valuable in hard currency, it is precious to me.
Offer Stands PH! peace dlk
why - Things are moving forward
Painting - Fluid
why - One artist to another, besides I cant give up my thinking man sculpture...why, because its quite the opposite, its a monkey and the poem is awesome. Will share if interested.
why - Art for art...what better reason
various amateur B/W photos from around coastal Florida.
why - well, it's really that I just love YOUR art, and I figured I could share some of mine.

Stainless Steel Mary with Maroon Dress


Stainless Steel Mary

Hammer Head Mary

Italian Marble Mary

Carmel Mary

Brick House Mary
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