Peter Harper

"I believe in being as honest and truthful as humanly possible at all times. Lies harbored manifest themselves in one's work."

"The ability for one to create a master work demands that one is open minded yet focused, determined yet flexible, passionate yet displaced, and most important, one must be able to find the new beginning as well as envision the end."

Peter Harper's Biography

Imagine for a moment the fluidity of human emotion merging with the form and grace of the human body guided by the soul of a poet... Caught in the metamorphosis of mid-movement, intense, at once aspiring to unknown heights on one hand and filled with angst on the other... Each figure a character in a story, their features representing the plot, every detail conveying importance and meaning which is not quite reality and not quite abstraction. Fantastic? Perhaps. But these are the bronze and ceramic sculptures of Peter Harper.

"Throughout my life I have tried to express myself in a clear, powerful manner never hiding a single emotion. I confront the world full force, knowing that in the end the world may win. I possess a passion so intense that it drives me to better the lives of others, as well as myself; a passion to see a future that is loved, not feared, and embraced, not rejected, when it arrives."

Working in clay, wax and bronze using techniques dating back to the ancient Egyptians, Peter cuts, scrapes, heats and polishes until the figure is revealed and its story told.

Part of a tradition through the Claremont Folk Music Center, Peter Harper comes by his talents within a family of many talents: music (brother Ben Harper) and mother Ellen Verdries, who plays guitar; brother Joel, Poetry & Writing; grandparents Charles (craftsman of fine musical instruments) and Dorothy ("she could play anything with strings") Chase.

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